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Thursday, Apr. 23, 2009 - 6:41 a.m.

Evil Black Walnut Tree from Hell!- times up!

Yesterday was Earth Day. I've always thought that that "holiday" was a bunch of crap. If you go out and plant a baby pine tree on April 22nd, everything will be perfect.

Like I said- bunch of crap. If you don't make an effort to improve the world around you every day of the year, you are just being superficial.That is the equivalent of wearing a ribbon on your lapel to tell people you care about some issue.

That said...

My contribution to Earth Day is dropping the Evil Black Walnut Tree from Hell! today.Yes, the subject of many of photos here is finally getting cut down (unless the tree cutting service cancels again) today.

Why am I cutting it down?

Many reasons.

1. sheds branches, large and small, any time the wind blows. I have had my power to the house knocked out 2 times due to large branches falling in a storm.

2. it also drops those nasty, slimy green skinned nuts. Tons of them. Last fall, I filled a garbage can 3 times with them! And don't tell me I should eat them- if one in three has an edible nut inside, that is lucky.

3. the tree rats love the nuts. And they love hiding in the tree when they eat my peaches. Not any more.

4. the biggest reason- juglone
Juglone comes from the leaves, fruit, and roots of this tree. If you read the Wikipedia link I put above, you will see that the juglone is a natural herbicide. This helps the tree beat out competition for nutrients. It also means it harms my garden. Plants in the nightshade family are especially sensitive to it. That means my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants all are damaged.I like my garden much more than I do this tree, so it had to go.

I've plated 2 trees myself this spring, so don't tell me I am damaging the environment by taking it down. The Black Walnut is the last tree to get leaves every spring, and starts dropping them in July. It doesn't do much to process CO2, in other words.


In a few hours it should be history. Then I have to do a bunch of cutting and splitting. Should provide Lease and I plenty of nice fires for the next couple of winters...

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