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Monday, Mar. 30, 2009 - 9:55 p.m.

This qualifies as a "oh crap!" moment:

The ceiling of our living room has had a few cracks in it for some time. In one area, these cracks had expanded recently. Enough so that I decided to call a few home repair people today to check on getting estimates.

Too late.

I took a shower tonight, and went upstairs to get dressed to take Lease (and my side of the family) out to dinner to celebrate Codeman's birthday tomorrow (#24).

I heard a loud crash, and then heard Lease calling me from downstairs. The sagging plaster had decided that that time was perfect to fall. It landed on our GLASS TV stand, busting into pieces but somehow sparing our TV and the stand.

Codeman was nice enough to come down and help me break the rest of the loose plaster loose, and after a few hours of work we have the area cleaned up for now.

The fun starts now- I have to find someone willing to give us an estimate to cut out the rest of the mess and mount some drywall in its place. A textured ceiling is the next step, once the repairs are done.

Don't know what this will cost, but I guess it is just the price of living in a house that is pushing 80 years old...

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